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Mackie Mac - Emcee / DJ
I have always been one to make people smile and laugh. As a kid I would tell jokes at my parents parties and loved to see eveyrone enjoying themselves. This became my passion as I grew older. In 1994 a friend of mine was DJ'ing a wedding and asked me if I wanted to help him. After that night, I felt that this was something I could enjoy doing. After a few years of doing mobile and club shows the company I was working for offered me a job to travel to Sicily, Italy to run 3 clubs. I jumped at the opertunity and was there for a few years. Feeling homesick for the good old USA I came back and moved to Maui DJ'ing the clubs, doing weddings and started
A- List Entertainment. Durring a private show, a radio program director was there and he offered me a job on Da Jam 98.3. After a year of interning they offered me a seat on the morning show and have been there ever since. 
I guess I'm lucky to be doing something I truely love and still get to make people smile, laugh and have fun.
A- List Entertainment

A- List Entertainment wants you to have a great event for you and


your guests and will work closely with you to make sure everyone


enjoys themselves. With online planning forms to 


customize the night, choose music and create custom playlists as 


well as timelines. We will help you have the party you want. We


provide uplighting packages to accent your event with custom


colors and can provide video/slideshow production as well.


From suggesting a caterer to finding a photografer, if you have


questions about any part of your event, we will do our best to help.


Give A- List Entertainment a call or email us and we will start


planning your event.





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